Code of ethics

For many years Meliá Hotels International has enjoyed steady progress and opened many new roads for the industry, going through different stages of growth, consolidation, challenges and change. Its values have also developed over time, from a solid base founded on a family business to the integration of modern values which still conserve the distinguishing essence. Meliá Hotels International’s own evolution has made the company aware of the need to review and improve its performance framework to align it with the new values and thus guarantee better cohesion and protection for all employees while also contributing to improving the daily relationship with the company’s stakeholders. This document is an important result of this progress and evolution: Meliá Hotels International’s first Code of Ethics.

The common thread of the stakeholder relationship chosen for the development of the Code of Ethics is a concept that has been embedded in the company for a long time: commitment. This is the basis for any trusting relationship.

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