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At our Company Offices you will find an excellent team of highly results-oriented professionals, with a drive for self-improvement and high levels of innovation to ensure the progression of the management model, who are used to working as a team and cooperating with one another as part of the Meliá Hotels International group.

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Javier García

Corporate Environment Manager, Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain

Belonging to a multinational like Meliá Hotels International, which is present in so many destinations and is committed to sustainable development in its business, has allowed me through my work to fulfil my personal motivation of contributing and helping to build a better world together.

Gran Meliá

Are you drawn to luxury and elegance? Are you intuitive with an eye for detail? Do you masterfully combine glamour and avant-garde with the finesse and refinement of classic service to offer guests the highest standard of quality? Do you know how to make a difference to create truly exceptional experiences?

If so, Gran Meliá is undoubtedly the brand for you.

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Marisol Zarco

Housekeeping Manager. Gran Meliá Fénix

Madrid, Spain

“To me, Meliá Hotels International is a family company. It isn’t a catchphrase, it’s the result of all the experiences which have made me feel as though I’m always at home, as though I’m special and I play a leading role in my company. Not only the experiences in the hotel where I work or ‘my hotel’, as I often call it, but also in all the other hotels that I’ve had chance to go and help out in, which I tend to call ‘our hotels’. Meliá Hotels International has made me feel special. I genuinely feel that Meliá Hotels International is a part of me and that I am part of a big family.”

Me by Meliá

Are you modern, original and open-minded? Do you radiate energy and have a personal style that captivates others? Do you like to follow the latest trends and live for the moment? Do you love music, culture and new technologies? Then you connect with the ME by Meliá brand.

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Claire Jones

Gex Manager ME Madrid

Madrid, Spain

You could say I’m crazy about ME by Meliá. I really identify with its unique and individual style, its passion for music and local culture in the destination. ME lets me be myself and indulge in my love of fashion and design. ME is quite simply different and its unique personality fascinates me. Meliá Hotels International offers infinite opportunities worldwide.


Are you are a free spirit who is at one with nature? Do you make the most of life and seek out experiences which help you to live it in its purest form? Are you passionate about luxury and excellent service which knows no boundaries? Do you know how to create unforgettable moments that indulge the senses, in an atmosphere of pure freedom? In that case, Paradisus is where you belong.

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Sara Agramonte

Royal Service Manager. Paradisus Palma Real

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

At Meliá Hotels International I have worked with leaders who’ve made me a better professional and a better person. I have learned to apply the values of our organisation, to face challenges, to identify opportunities for improvement and to always go the extra distance. The company’s presence in so many countries offers endless possibilities for all of us who want to create "experiences". To me, Meliá Hotels International is a way of life and the satisfaction of our guests is our reward.


Do you have an eye for detail and wish to improve yourself every day in an environment which stands out for its personalised customer service? Would you enjoy working for a stylish urban or leisure hotel brand? Do you want to be part of a team of people who are passionate about what they do?


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Adrián Prado

Assistant Manager Meliá Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Meliá Hotels International is my company, my school and my home. What I like the most is that I can progress each and every day.”


Innside is not just a place, a formula or a building; it is a way of life. If you’d enjoy working in a modern, sophisticated environment, where design fuses with the latest trends creating memories which outlive your stay; and if you’d like to be part of an innovative, urban brand, delivering individual, professional and personalised service then there is no doubt about it: Innside Hotels is the brand for you.

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Cristof Wagner

Sales Manager, INNSIDE Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Meliá Hotels International isn’t just a company, it is a passion! I’ve been working here since February 2012 and I feel at home. You’re surrounded by professionals and, since it’s a company that operates worldwide, you’re welcome anywhere and you feel comfortable with your colleagues. It’s a pleasure to work and develop myself with Meliá Hotels International.

Sol Hoteles

If you want to be part of a team dedicated to making guests happy, in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by sun, sand and Flavour-filled Service, come and get to know us, come and experience Sol Hotels.

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Devani Martín

Head Waiter, Sol Jandía Mar

Fuerteventura, Spain

“Sol is a hotel tradition in Spain. It is a privilege to serve families who return to our hotels as loyal guests year after year. And they do it because they appreciate the values that the brand conveys through its employees. You can feel the warmth of passionate service, years of know-how and the freshness of constant innovation."

We also manage

TRYP by Wyndham

We are city experts. We like to get the maximum enjoyment out of a city, by getting to know its nooks and crannies, cultural heritage, activities and current events. We are present in major cities around the world and we continue to grow day after day, as a go-to brand for urban hotels.

ARE you a person 2.0, a cosmopolitan, enthusiastic person, who is keen to learn and take on new challenges? Do you inspire confidence in others? Are committed and energetic? Then join our team and become a city expert with TRYP Hotels!

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Sonja Valverde

Head Receptionist, Tryp Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain

“Thanks to Meliá Hotels International every day I want to be a better professional and colleague. This company has given and continues to give me the opportunity to develop myself in order to improve in every aspect of my work. The desire to achieve the best for guests and all the other members of this big family never ceases.”