Integration in the value chain

Meliá Hotels International has selected its sustainability strategy to act as the main pillar of its business. It spans the entire value chain in order to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

In many cases, the incorporation of sustainability has led Meliá Hotels International to find new ways to cooperate with suppliers and proprietors, and to relate to customers, employees and society in general.

Sustainability has been built into the company's value chain in the following spheres of activity:

Sustainable construction

Intended to cover a property’s complete lifecycle, from the design to the suitable selection of construction processes and materials, adapting the building to its environment and applying the correct criteria for the management and recycling of natural resources, energy and waste.

New hotels are included in the portfolio based on sustainability criteria which are assessed and analysed in the asset selection phase. Hotels in the Meliá Hotels International portfolio comply with sustainability standards defined for each of our brands, meaning that proprietors are implicated in the sustainable management of the business as early as the hotel’s pre-opening phase.


At Meliá Hotels International we believe that providing guests with excellent service is compatible with using resources efficiently, responsibly and in a balanced way, generating value for society in every destination that we are present in.

That is why Meliá Hotels International runs projects to minimize the environmental impact of its daily operations, preserve biodiversity and promote social commitment. It is also why we seek to involve our guests in these projects as a key element of our business.

Part of our commitment to responsible tourism management, is aimed at raising awareness among our guests. That is why they have become the key players in the initiatives that Meliá Hotels International is involved in every year, including World Environment Day (5 June) and Universal Children's Day (20 November).

Energy and water efficiency - SAVE Project

In 2005, MHI launched this pioneering energy saving and efficiency initiative to reduce the environmental impact of its business. As a responsible and sustainable company, this project, rolled out internally by MHI's technical teams, revealed profitability and efficient resource management.

This initiative and its measurement methodology were approved and certified by Bureau Veritas, meaning that the SAVE Project was acknowledged by the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, and was included in the voluntary emissions reduction system.

MHI reports the results obtained by this programme in its Sustainability Report on an annual basis.

The SAVE Project extends to different lines of work, in particular including:

SAVE Project Logo

  • Standardization of energy efficient systems and products.
  • Studies into the technical and financial feasibility of investment in energy savings and efficiency.
  • Energy procurement.
  • Raising awareness and providing training on the responsible use of water and energy resources.

Other environmental information

For more information about energy/water consumption and emissions, click in the following link: Download pdf


The company is a driving force in the creation of direct value. It achieves this through encouraging employment in local communities, integrating groups that are at risk of exclusion and showing commitment to cultural diversity within its workforce. What is more, Meliá Hotels International involves its employees in different social initiatives because we believe that our team is an ambassador of the permanent commitment to contribute value to society.


Through the Supply Chain Management Strategy, the Code of Ethics for Suppliers and the new sustainability questionnaire for suppliers, Meliá reinforces its supply chain model and strengthen te relationship with suppliers based on their values, Code of Ethics and commitments.

For more information about the Supply Chain Management Strategy, click in the following link: see pdf

Guest stay

More than 25 million stays at our hotels each year means that it is essential to extend our sustainability commitment to our guests, as the cornerstone of responsible tourist activity.

More than 80% of our guests consider us to be a responsible and sustainable hotel chain, valuing our commitment to sustainability through initiatives, commitments, products and services.

Healthy cuisine

By using local products, respecting local gastronomic traditions and focusing on offering healthy food to our guests, we offer a respectful and attractive dining experience to our guests.