The Reach© model

REACH© is an acronym which not only has connotations of closeness (‘reaching’ closer), but also harbours the concepts of “Recognises”, “Acknowledges”, “Answers” and “Changes”. These concepts, in this order, describe the phases in the dialogue process.

Meliá Recognizes

The first phase defines the stakeholders, where they are and how we can reach them. Meliá Hotels International has a database with a qualified network of people representing its universe of stakeholders. Meliá Hotels International’s seven stakeholders are: customers, employees, owners, investors, suppliers, society and the environment.

Meliá acknowledges

In this second phase, Meliá Hotels International prepares meeting points with its stakeholders. The main source of active listening is called the Meliá Hotels International Panel of Experts on Sustainability.

The results from this active acknowledgement enable us to build the bridges required to allow Meliá Hotels International to be an open company, willing to integrate its stakeholders’ expectations in its management.

Meliá answers

Meliá Hotels International is growing in its knowledge of the expectations of its stakeholders, and in this way it is able to build a specific value proposal for each one.

Meliá changes

In this phase, the goal is to transform the proposals into actions, adapting the company’s policies and activities to the stakeholders’ expectations. The implementation of these proposals is the responsibility of the different management areas. This change can at times generate closer relations which become a formal partnership or a joint effort on projects with organisations from civil society.