Mission and vision

MHI's fundamental values have always included commitment to the environment, sharing local culture, and contributing to cultural integration and society.

As part of the 2008-2010 Strategic Plan these values were included as a strategic line of work to help us make progress towards them. The first challenge was to define the Sustainability Policy of MHI.

In the new Strategic Plan for 2012-2014, sustainability has become a force which underpins all strategic lines of work across the board.

As a fundamental part of our positioning as a company, both at present and in the future, it has become the main pillar of our business, ensuring the sustainable creation of economic value for the company. This is how we are planning to optimise a sustainable business model, ensuring that our stakeholders opt to be a responsible hotel company.

In this way, we at MHI have forged a connection between sustainability and our relationships and dialogue with our stakeholders. Getting to know these stakeholders, listening to them and maintaining dialogue with them is a key process for us.