Corporate social responsibility

Towards our customers

Offer our guests the best personalised accommodation experience, exceeding their expectations with the excellence of our best service.

Towards society

Actively seek to generate prosperity and sustainable development in the communities where we are present, respecting and promoting their culture, traditions and values, and paying particular attention to children and the most vulnerable groups.

Towards the environment

Contribute to preserving the environment and landscape, monitoring the impact of our business and promoting awareness about sustainability among our stakeholders.

Towards our suppliers

Use our size and professionalism to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit.

Towards our employees

Offer the best opportunities for professional development, based on the stability of a family company and the strength of a leading international player which knows how to recognise commitment, talent and achievements fairly.

Towards our shareholders and investors

Manage the company according to criteria for transparency, and ensure strict and proper governance to achieve profitability and increase value in the medium and long term.

Towards our owners and partners

Offer the best comprehensive services to capitalize on its investment, managing with the professionalism, integrity and confidence of a large internationally-renowned brand.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 (UK)

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