21 June 2017

Meliá Annual Report 2016: a Company under transformation

Meliá Hotels International has presented its 2016 Annual Report in line with "Integrated Reporting" criteria which ensure that it offers a full and multi-dimensional picture of the company and an accurate measurement of its results and the impact of its performance on the environment, as well as the evolution of its strategy and business model.

This year’s report focuses on three key areas:

  • Increase visibility of both tangible (results, data, growth) and intangible (responsibility, reputation, public commitments, strategy, etc.) factors.
  • Increase transparency, rigor and consistency of the reported data with over 2.000 relevant indicators included
  • Integrate new technologies for greater accessibility, interactivity and attractiveness

As for the information, in 2016, the word that best defined the company was "transformation". Meliá came through the most recent financial crisis thanks to a successful strategy, which combined contingency management in Spain and other affected countries with intense growth in the most dynamic international markets. The company faced this situation by driving forward with a transformation process that would allow it to become a more solid and innovative company, better prepared for a complex and changing business environment, and in 2016 it has once again reported excellent financial and business results.

As indicated in the report, the basic foundations of this transformation process are:

  • Enhance Company Brands
  • Strengthen internationalization
  • Optimize the real estate strategy and vision to become a more asset-light company focused on hotel management
  • Implement a new customer relationship model based on digitalization

To achieve this, the company has focused on the drivers of operational excellence in the following areas:

  • People: managing talent, leadership, quality and commitment
  • Business units: maximizing profitability, efficiency and margins
  • Processes: optimization and digitalization of operational processes

Finally, the report describes a more responsible company in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance commitments. All of this, the report explains, has enabled Meliá Hotels International to significantly improve its positioning in the most important Corporate Reputation indices in Spain and Latin America.




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