Public Commitments

Sustainability report

The Sustainability Report is a tool of communication and dialogue with the company’s stakeholders. It pursues the goal of sharing non-financial information on the result of the past financial year in its economic, environmental and social dimensions in a truthful, comprehensive and transparent way.

In addition to serving as a calling card as a socially responsible company, it is also used as a mechanism of cohesion and internal stabilisation. The Sustainability Report is based on different recommendations, especially on the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G3.1), as well as on the WTO indicators and the company’s own indicators.

The Sustainability Report is drawn up every year and serves as yet another tool for detecting and renewing commitments.

Global Compact

Meliá Hotels International subscribed to the principles of the Global Compact in late October 2008. The Global Compact is an international initiative proposed by the United Nations with the goal of fostering corporate citizenship.

Today it is represented in a total of 4,000 companies in 116 different countries. Adhesion to the Global Compact means a commitment to fulfil and spread its ten principles.

Subscription to the Global Compact entails a process of biannual renewal which constantly helps to identify opportunities for improvements in the procedures.

FTSE4Good Ibex

This index includes the average and highly capitalised stocks on the Spanish stock market that are currently included in the FTSE4Good Index.

The FTSE4Good Index has become a benchmark indicator known worldwide by investors who want to identify companies with responsible business practices. The launch of the FTSE4Good Index came in response to investors’ rising interest in socially responsible investment in Spain.

The FTSE4Good Index is updated every half-year, which constantly helps to identify opportunities for improvements.