History background


  • The company opened in the main Spanish cities. In 1985 its first international hotel opened in Bali. Photos of the opening of the company’s first international hotel, the Meliá Bali in Indonesia.
  • With the purchase of 32 hotels from the HOTASA hotel chain, the company became the leading hotel group in Spain, a position it retains to this day. Photos of the hotel Meliá Lebreros in Seville and the hotel Meliá Tamarindos on Gran Canaria; the company is by now Spain’s largest hotel group, following the acquisition of the Hotasa chain.
  • In 1987 Gabriel Escarrer acquired the Meliá hotels chain, which became the company's main brand. Photo of the hotel Meliá Castilla in Madrid and hotel Meliá Don Pepe in Marbella, both forming part of the company following the acquisition of the Meliá chain.